All mentoring sessions are carried out by Gary Evans (you can read more about him here).

“Private awakening mentoring sessions are firstly designed to clarify a lot of common questions.

On top of that, perhaps more importantly, I can share examples from conversations with hundreds of people who are going through a similar process to you. These discussions can be empowering, it helps us to understand our process. It isn’t as unusual as we thought, and things will get easier as a new more conscious way of being emerges. The old ways of doing things will be replaced with conscious choices for our peace of mind and health.

Once we have established a connection and built a rapport, we can start looking at the areas you feel important for growth. I will also suggest ideas and areas to research. My service is designed to focus deeply on a client’s inner development. With a core that provides practical tools to speed up growth and help people accomplish their dreams.” – Gary Evans

You can learn more about Private Mentoring, prices and location, as well as how to book an initial session here.

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