Our services are carried out by fully certified and insured practitioners and masters with wide knowledge and experience in the area of the expertise, as well as confidential, friendly, open, hospitable and nurturing approach to each and every being. For further information on our practitioners and masters, please, refer to Our Team page. The teaching space is always clean, comfortable, safe and adjusted to suit your personal preferences to maximize the positive effects and the enjoyment from the teaching.

Reiki Teaching

We teach traditional Reiki,  – Usui Reiki Ryoho, – as taught by Usui – Sensei (the founder of Reiki) and Mrs. Hawayo Takata, who left most of the written information we have nowadays about Reiki.

All our Reiki courses come with

  • a certificate of completion
  • a Reiki manual
  • attunements required for the Reiki Level that you are covering
  • the detailed teaching of the material
  • an opportunity to practice healing, cleansing and other techniques covered in the course during the teaching session
  • 1 hour free complimentary Reiki practice sessions with profound feedback from your teacher after the completion of the Reiki course (please, make sure that you are insured before you practice Reiki on others)
  • writing materials
  • healthy snacks and drinks of your preference
Prices and Duration
  • Reiki Level 3 : 8-9 hours Reiki Level 3 teaching + up to two 1hour Reiki attunements practice sessions with Reiki Master (complementary)  – 300 GBP
  • Reiki Level 3 concessions –  please, contact Olga at olgahht@gmail.com to discuss

Our services are available across Elmbridge, including: Weybridge, Walton On Thames, Cobham, Claygate, and Thames Ditton.

Please call us to discuss the most convenient location for you. Home visits are possible in certain cases. There will be a small additional surcharge based on your location.

Please note, we also have access to rooms at various Elmbridge community centres, should you require us to book one of these, there will be a surcharge of £8 an hour.

Reiki Level 3

After completing Reiki Level 3, you will have full knowledge to teach your students Usui Reiki Ryoho. That includes giving them Reiki attunements that open up the Reiki channels for healing. The attunement that all students get when completing Reiki Level 3 is also said to increase dramatically one’s vibrational frequency, making one more connected with the Universal energy. This is believed to help one on the self-development path to enlightenment.

Requirements for Reiki Level 3

By invitation only. Completing Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 1 and Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 2 is compulsory before applying for Usui Reiki Ryoho Level 3 teaching. Please, kindly note that we only teach Reiki Level 3 to those who have done Reiki Level 2 with us before.

We also ask you to read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS section and inform us and your GP before coming to the event if any of the conditions mentioned apply.

Terms and Conditions

We kindly ask anyone attending the teaching to read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Please, be aware that by coming to the teaching you confirm you have read and agreed to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

  • Minors:

Minors are kindly asked to provide a letter from their parent or guardian acknowledging that they are aware of you taking Reiki teaching.

  • Medical conditions/prescribed medications/pregnancy:

If you are pregnant, please, inform us before the event. If you have any medical conditions, are on a prescribed medication, are pregnant, or have any concerns, please, see your GP and inform him/her about attending our sound therapy sessions, this will allow your GP to give appropriate advice. If you currently experience or have a history of serious health issues (including mental health issues, operations, medical procedures, seizures, implants, special needs), please, inform us before the teaching.

What Reiki Level 3 includes

you will have an opportunity to learn about:


  • the Reiki Ideals
  • your Reiki lineage
  • the Reiki Master symbol and how to use it
  • what it means to be a Reiki master
  • the Reiki cleansing process
  • how to give Reiki level 1, 2 and 3 attunements to Reiki students
  • Reiki attunement biofeedback
  • how to do psychic surgery
  • Western meditation techniques
  • Japanese meditation and healing techniques
Before Reiki Level 3 teaching

 Please, kindly fill in the contact form on the Contact Us page if you would like to book a Reiki Level 3 teaching with us. You are welcome to add you preferences, e.g. which healthy snacks and drinks you prefer us to provide during the teaching. Please, be advised that we only teach Reiki Level 3 on an individual basis.

During Reiki Level 3 teaching

We only teach Reiki Level 3 individually. The atmosphere is always friendly, encouraging, and most comfortable to suit your needs. Hot and cold drinks, as well as healthy snacks, would be provided throughout the teaching, and you will be kindly asked to bring a packed lunch with you on the day of the teaching.


The teaching will last about 8-9 hours with regular toilet and tea breaks and a 1h lunch break. We try to be as efficient as possible during our teachings, however, due to the nature of energy work and teaching process, regular breaks are needed to benefit the process of learning.


We will provide you with a Reiki Level 3 manual and writing materials.


You Reiki master teacher will do 1 attunement on you at some point during the teaching. This attunement will connect you to a certain type of Reiki energy and will open your channels to receive Reiki energy to use it for further healings, teachings and attunements.

After Reiki Level 3 teaching

After completing Reiki Level 3 teaching you will receive your Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher Certificate and will have an opportunity to have a 1 hour Reiki attunements practice session with your Reiki master. Your Reiki teacher would be happy to answer any of your questions after the teaching. We also provide profound support for all our students after completing our Reiki Level 3 course to make sure you benefit the most from the teaching and are fully confident about your healing and teaching abilities.

Refund Policy
  • Cancellation: Please, kindly acknowledge that we fully refund the Reiki courses not later than 48 hours before the scheduled teaching time. Those who cancel at least 24 hours in advance will receive 50% refund. We do not refund the courses cancelled later than 24 hours before the start of the scheduled teaching.


  • Rescheduling: If you would like to change the date of the teaching, please, kindly contact us not less than 48 hours before the scheduled teaching time.


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