Gary Evans
Gary Evans has been investigating earth mysteries and studying acoustical properties for more than twenty years. From the Great Pyramid to Moray (a site in the Andes), Gary has worked at some of the most fascinating and mysterious places in the world.

Gary recently studied as a yoga teacher in Goa, India and now runs yoga and sound events across the county of Surrey in England. Gary has been studying indigenous wisdom and philosophy for more than 20 years, and various yoga forms for the last eight years. One of his favorite yoga schools is Yin & Yang Yoga, which is inspired by Taoist Yoga and focuses on meditative states with long-held postures.

Gary is an initiated member of the Taoism society and a qualified and fully insured Reiki Practitioner, sound healer and yoga teacher. His work with energy healing started before he trained as a Reiki Practitioner and was inspired by instantaneous animal healings, witnessed by some with great amazement. Gary finds immense joy in the animal kingdom and is always happy to offer a helping hand. Healing and helping animals is a vital part of his life.

Gary’s passion for discovering acoustic properties in some of the most intriguing ancient sites, such as the Great Pyramid, has led him to work with sound. Gary has coordinated and co-hosted workshops in London dedicated to sound and has recently qualified as a Gong Practitioner, which, as he has discovered, allowed his passion for sound work to go to an ever more profound level, opening up new possibilities for self-development and helping others. This has led to the development of new events with his wife around Surrey, starting in April 2016. Gary’s sound work includes, among others, chanting, playing gongs, drums, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, and ceremonial rattles. Gary shares his passion and experience of sound with like-minded people on a weekly basis, this is something that brings him great joy.

Gary is currently working on the new TV show “Places of Power – Unlocking the Mystery of the Planet’s Most Sacred Sites”.

Gary has made appearances on various radio shows including Coasts to Coast AM with George Noory, which is broadcasted across 550 radio stations. Gary also writes about ancient mysticism and his experiences at ancient sites for many websites including Graham and Ancient

Gary promotes conferences in the UK and Europe to raise general awareness of ancient wisdom and mysticism. Some of the conferences include Awake and Aware, Eternal Knowledge Festival, CPAK, Paradigm Symposium and Megalithomania. Gary also gives talks at conferences covering ancient knowledge, sound, acoustics and the effects that some of the ancient sites he has visited have on our consciousness. Gary says, “The experiences I have shared at ancient sites have led to many deep epiphanies, which I feel have helped me to better understand the spiritual development process and my path in life.”

Gary also promotes awareness of ancient mysteries and wisdom by working as a PR agent for best-selling authors in alternative science. Since 2010, Gary has been leading and coordinating tours to Malta, Egypt, Scotland, England, Ireland, Bolivia, Peru, and France. His latest tour is organized in partnership with his wife Olga and will run in September 2016 to the south of France.

Gary has also hosted group workshops at ancient sites to help people expand their hearts and better reconnect with themselves. On the tours, Gary always recommends his guests to be mindful while being at the sites, which has often led to profound enlivening experiences, experiences that go beyond words. These moments are some of the most memorable, touching and rewarding that Gary has ever experienced, leaving him in no doubt that guiding people to the peace, serenity and beauty within is a big part of his path. “If we touch and feel the beauty in our heart, we can see it everywhere. The world becomes a better place, and we find peace.” Gary’s new Awakening Mentoring service aims to share this feeling with many more people.

“Our rational, scientific intelligence is of the mind and the senses. The other form of intelligence, whose most total expression was eventually located in the civilization of ancient Egypt, is of “the heart.” This search for the “intelligence of the heart” became Schwaller’s life work.” – From Schwaller de Lubicz