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NEW Traditional Himalayan Style Yoga

Trained in India, we are teaching traditional Himalayan style yoga. Yoga is a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Our yoga practices combine all three elements – physical workout in the form of yoga postures; exercises to extend vital force (also known as prana or chi/ki) – pranayama; and spiritual practices – in the form of mantra repetition and concentration on internal states of consciousness throughout the practice.

You can read more about our yoga classes and book your place here

Traditional Himalayan Style Yoga

The Alchemy of Sound – Sound events in South West London and Surrey

These sound events in South West Surrey and London are dedicated to those interested in sound, music, drums, gongs, vibrations, relaxation and stress release. If you have ever wondered how it feels inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt, these events are for you! If you feel stressed, anxious, or just want a relaxing and rejuvenating vibrational “bath” session, our events can help!

You can find more informations about our sound events here

Gong Baths

DONATIONS Nature Therapy Walks in Surrey

We are happy to announce the launch of our new DONATIONS Nature Therapy Walks in Surrey!

Nature Therapy, as defined and practiced by Holistic Healing Therapy, is a type of relaxation involving spending time in nature to promote health and well-being. We combine different practices including mindfulness, grounding, and natural aromatherapy; using short exercises we also encourage the development and use of various senses. We aim to give you an opportunity to stop and look at life from a larger perspective. We have been inspired by forest bathing, currently widely practiced for its therapeutic properties in Japan and the USA.

Some of the scientifically proven benefits of spending time in nature include reduced stress levels, stronger immune system response, and a stabilised cortisol cycle. You can read more about the benefits of Nature Therapy on our website www.holistichealingtherapy.co.uk.

You can read more about our Nature Therapy Walks and book your place here

Nature Therapy Walks

Chanting, Gong Bath, and Meditation in Surrey and South West London!

During our events, we will combine the power of gong bath, meditation, and Sanskrit Mantras chanting to create an unforgettable experience of relaxation, enjoyment, stress relief, and rejuvenation.

You can read more about our events and book your place here

Chanting, Gong Bath, and Meditation

Gonging in Stonehenge

A few weeks ago we had an amazing opportunity to play our Earth Gong inside Stonehenge! You can read more about it and watch the videos here!

Gonging in Stonehenge


We are combining the experience and lessons from past tours with unique techniques that we have gathered for relaxation and heart opening, hoping to create a magnificent union of outward journeys to the magnificent sites with yet more amazing journeys to the center of our heart and being. We will share with like-minded people the experience of profound relaxation and show how it is possible to look at sites from a fresh perspective. This also provides the opportunity to tune in with nature and our true selves. Having experienced many remarkable moments ourselves, this area of our work is very close to our hearts – a real treasure that we value immensely due to its richness and potential for self-development. We would love to share these experiences with others!

Our guests on the tour report being moved beyond words and the rational mind into a place of truly profound experiences, which made their hearts sing and brought them great joy. We aim to bring more of these experiences to like-minded people. If you have ever wondered about the experiential side of the ancient sites, or ever tried to look beyond the intellectual information available, sensing that there might be something more to those amazing places…please, send us an email for more information.

Our new tours will include ancient eastern as well as modern scientific techniques to aid relaxation and help facilitate integration into the atmosphere and energy of the sites we visit. If you have already started to meditate or are carrying out practices to help you calm your mind to go deeper within, we can help you build on your progress in an inspiring, creative, beautiful and profound way.

For more info, please, see the tour links below.

For tours in England:

Tours in England

For tours in the south of France:

Tours to the South of France

DONATIONS Reiki Healing Events

Reiki is a system of alternative medicine, which uses a hands-on-healing technique where practitioners place the palms 5-10cm from the body during the treatment. Reiki is a type of energy healing, as it is believed that during the healing practitioners transfer Reiki energy through the palms of their hands to the clients, which is thought to stimulate the healing. Reiki is considered to be able to help not only physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. Besides being a system of alternative medicine, it is also regarded as a spiritual practice which is meant to help one reach enlightenment through assisting in healing one’s body, mind and soul of negative energy. You can read more about Reiki healing here, its history here, and the science behind it here.

One of the main ideas in Traditional Reiki Healing founded by Usui Sensei is that while Reiki should be used for self-healing and self-development, it is also a gift to be shared. Hence, we are organising a DONATIONS Reiki Healing Events where we will do healings and only charge donations – you can pay as much or as little as you would like! In this way we would love to raise awareness about Reiki Healing, as well as make it accessible to more people.

You can read more about the upcoming events, terms and conditions, what to expect, as well as book your place below

DONATIONS Reiki Healing Events

FREE NYR Parties

Olga has recently joined Neal’s Yard Remedies team of consultants and is very proud to be sharing her knowledge and products from this ethical and certified organic company with others!

We invite you to join our FREE Neal’s Yard Remedies Parties where Olga will tell you more about Neal’s Yard Remedies ethos and products, why she chose NYR over other skincare brands, as well as help you choose skin products for your skin type. You will also have an opportunity to receive a free mini facial using certified organic NYR products, and order your own products! All this will be done in a friendly atmosphere, accompanied with organic tea and healthy snacks – fun way to spend your afternoon!

Read more about the events and how to book your place below.

FREE NYR Parties

Download your FREE Mindfulness Introduction Lesson!

Ever wanted to learn more about mindfulness? Search no more! You can now get your FREE Mindfulness Introduction Lesson exclusively from Holistic Healing Therapy! Click below to download!

FREE mindfulness lesson

Awakening Mentor

A major aim of the Awakening Mentor.co.uk website and the mentoring service offered is to give people an understanding and context for their inner progress and self-development, as well as some clearly defined targets for the future. As many of us seem to learn best from experience, you will find an experiential approach advocated.

The Awakening Mentor website includes ten short important Awakening articles. These articles include free exercises, techniques, and meditations to help you understand where you have developed to and provides suggestions for future inner growth.

The website has also a selection of private one and two day tours to our favorite hand-picked ancient sites. We have selected these sites due to the profound effect they have had on us. We have shared unbelievable experiences at many, which, as we think, can give an insight into the original purpose of those sites. We could sense strong energies there, and also explored acoustical properties, which we found very beneficial. After visiting them, we often feel recharged and uplifted.

For more information, and to book your initial mentoring session, please, follow the link below

Private mentoring