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Our services are carried out by fully certified and insured yoga teachers with wide knowledge and experience in yoga. All our yoga teachers are members of Yoga Alliance Professionals.

We offer a confidential, friendly, open and nurturing approach to each client. For further information on our practitioners, please, refer to Our Team page. The class space is always clean, comfortable and safe, it can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences to maximize the positive effects and your enjoyment from the yoga session.

Traditional Himalayan Style Yoga

woman doing yoga on the beachTrained in India, we are teaching traditional Himalayan style yoga. Yoga is a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Our yoga practices combine all three elements – physical workout in the form of yoga postures; exercises to extend vital force (also known as prana or chi/ki) – pranayama; and spiritual practices – in the form of mantra repetition and concentration on internal states of consciousness throughout the practice.

In our physical practice, we will focus on warming up and opening exercises. Simple yet profound, they are aimed at increasing the flexibility in the body and are highly recommended for anyone with stiff joints, flexibility issues, those new to yoga, or anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice. The result is a throughly profound yogic practice aimed at boosting health, increasing energy and vitality, lifting the spirits, improving mood, and increasing mental and physical strength, stability, and balance.

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