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gong bathOur sound events run in South West London and Surrey. During our weekly gong baths, we use different instruments alongside with the gong, which will “bathe” you in its sound helping release any tensions and stress that you have gathered throughout the week (to see more about how the Gong and sound healing can help you, please, see our Sound Therapy: Science page). You can read more about what will happen on our events on the events description page in our Meetup group The Alchemy of Sound.

Our hope for the Sound events

The hope of our events is, primarily, to help people to relax, de-stress and become a bit happier and healthier as a result. We also strongly believe in the healing potential of the sound (to see more, visit Sound Therapy: Science page on our website), and would love to share it will like-minded people. We also think that we are all connected in the world, whether directly or indirectly, and by helping others we are able to help ourselves, and vice versa. Hence, sound events are just the starting events in our upcoming educational projects, which will cover educating people on well-being, environment, wildlife, animals, people, and communities they live in. One pound from every ticket will go to worthy causes – please, check Charities page on our website for more information.

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Price: 12 GBP per person; 10 GBP concessions. A package of 6 sessions worth 59 pounds is available on request – please, contact us by calling on 01932 880 712, or sending us an email at

You can see terms and conditions and more information about our events, as well as book your place here:

The Alchemy of Sound: South-West London and Surrey

Walton-on-Thames, GB
170 Sound Lovers

Our events in South-West London and Surrey are aimed at those interested in sound, music, drums, gongs, vibrations, relaxation, stress release, energy healing, yoga, meditatio…

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You can read all of the reviews for our events here:

 What a wonderful experience – a hour of pure relaxation, exactly what you need after a busy week. Recommended! ” — Alexey on Jul 9, 2016.

 I have tried gong bath and absolutely loved it! It was exactly what I needed after a busy week.. I am glad that I found time just to relax and enjoy beautiful sounds. I slept like a baby that day. I will definitely come back! — Yana T on Jul 6, 2016.

 This was a new experience for me initially and after attending a Gong Bath with Gary & Olga I am hooked! I felt immediately relaxed and welcomed by the friendly nature of Gary & Olga. The atmosphere and environment was one of extreme calm & peace, resulting in a feeling of relaxation and healing. Highly recommended! — Elise Neola on Jun 20, 2016.

 Great to discover it ” — Briji W on May 21, 2016.

 Lovely novel experience. The company have lots of interesting plans for development — sarah pitt-bailey on May 21, 2016.

 Very good, I would recommend ” — Daphne on May 20, 2016.

 First class. Excellence, efficiency and professionalism, with warmth and friendliness from two gong experts in Gary and Olga Evans, who explained everything well at the beginning, and made us all feel very relaxed and at ease, so we knew what to expect. There was humour in the education and a phenomenally wonderful group of very warm and caring attendees. If every gathering was a good as this, the world would become perfect overnight. Very highly recommended. ” 

— Mercedes on May 1, 2016.

“The gong ceremony was amazing experience. It’s something extremely powerful and I could feel its healing power. I felt the vibes in my body where I had blockages and by the end of the ceremony everything was released. It was like an utter and absolute cleaning. I highly recommend it!”

– Aisa, 11-07-2016

“Absolutely beautiful experience. I had the pleasure of taking my mother and friend to Gary and Olgas gong bath and all of us had a brilliant experience. It allowed the body and mind to relax and sink deeper into peace, allowing the space for release to happen. Its hard to put into words to be honest but it just feels great.
Thank you both for your baths and may you continue to bring much peace to many others!”
Sam Power, 18-07-2016

 09/10 “Every time I attend one of these events, I sleep a little better. I’ll be going all night soon. I really enjoyed yesterday’s gong bath. Soooo happy to report that for the first time in years, the pain in my hip is noticeably reduced today. Whatever next?” …. 14/10 “Well seems like my shoulder and right arm! After years of X-rays, Physio and osteopathic treatments, what I actually needed was a gong bath. Even my teacher and buddies were amazed at what I could do in yoga today. I’m sooo happy. Whatever next?” 

Daphneon Oct 15, 2016

 At first I was doubting whether to go to Yoga and Gong Bath or not… However, once I went I never regretted! An unbelievable experience, very relaxing and rejuvenating. I was also very happy to share the experience with a wonderful group of like-minded friendly people. Thank you! Will be back for more soon. 

— Irina on Feb 7, 2017.

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