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Following the success of our weekend gong bath across Elmbridge, we would now like to offer a deeper spiritual experience for those interested (we have had requests!) Our Thursday night events are designed to build on the weekend gong baths. Sound healing has many uses and depths of experience. By coming together as a group, it is possible to experience something very rare. We hope you will love these sessions as much as we love sharing them!

Chanting is believed to be very beneficial for helping emotional release. Emotions can “get stuck” in our body, which can result in deterioration of our wellbeing and health. Chanting can help your body release blockages. Chanting can also help the movement of energy in the body, which is believed to help natural healing processes. We hope you will feel wonderfully energised and rejuvenated afterward. These sensations need to be experience to comprehend them!

chantingDuring each weekly session, we will focus on chanting one sacred Sanskrit mantra (don’t worry, we will use straightforward mantras which are easier for Western audiences.) Many believe these mantras have power when recited and, especially, when repeated 108 times with a group. We will hand pick mantras for each session depending on the aim and theme of the week.

mantraChanting is easy – it doesn’t need any special preparation or any experience in singing. It isn’t about whether you sing to the notes or not – it is about the sounds of Sanskrit mantras, your intention behind it and coming together as a group. Anyone can do it! To start with, you may wish to soak in the atmosphere and observe; that’s fine too!

Gary and 3 pyramidsGary from Holistic Healing Therapy has been chanting for years in different ancient spiritually significant locations, including the temples and Great Pyramid in Egypt, as well as Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Ireland, Sedona and Mount Shasta in the USA, and ancient sites across England including Stonehenge. People participating or watching Gary report feeling more energy and a feeling of elevation.

claygate 27-05-2016Our Gong bath is designed to help you relax, rejuvenate, and get rid of tension. During the gong playing, the gong will “bathe” you in its sound vibrations (hence the names gong or sound bath), which the majority of people find to be a very relaxing, uplifting and pleasant experience.

Though our Chanting and Gong sessions will vary a bit each time, below is a rough format for each session:

Once we all gather, we will start with a short breathing exercise to help us settle from our journey to the venue.

We will follow the breathing with two very distinctive forms of group chanting for 20 minutes. We will start with the Sanskrit mantra of the week. After this we will intone vowel sounds together, coming together as one voice is incredibly empowering. Gary has worked with numerous people who thought they wouldn’t be able to chant; after trying and succeeding they fell in love with the experience just as Gary and Olga have.

Following the group chanting there will be a gentle 5 minute guided meditation, this will help prepare you for the gong bath.

To finish there will be a 30-minute gong bath, Gary and Olga will both play the gong to give you a different flavour of sound therapy.

Before leaving there will be time for questions and group discussion. We encourage group sharing because sharing our experience can help others understand their own.

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Price: 12 GBP per person; 10 GBP concessions. A package of 6 sessions worth 59 poundsis available on request – please, contact us by calling on 01932 880 712, or sending us an email at holistichealingtherapyuk@gmail.com.

You can see more information about our events and book your place here:

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 09/10 “Every time I attend one of these events, I sleep a little better. I’ll be going all night soon. I really enjoyed yesterday’s gong bath. Soooo happy to report that for the first time in years, the pain in my hip is noticeably reduced today. Whatever next?” …. 14/10 “Well seems like my shoulder and right arm! After years of X-rays, Physio and osteopathic treatments, what I actually needed was a gong bath. Even my teacher and buddies were amazed at what I could do in yoga today. I’m sooo happy. Whatever next?” 

Daphne on Oct 15, 2016.

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