Our tour is unique in a way that it is a tour for the heart rather than the intellect. In order to get deeper into our heart and being, we need a special process. We won’t be rushing around – our goal isn’t to see as many places as possible, but to have truly profound experiences.

Our tour is very practical in this sense – we would like you to leave the sites having learnt or experienced something important, something that would help your life, well-being and self-development long after the tour has finished. We would like you to think of this tour as a profound life-changing investment in you. Hence, we will use ancient, as well as modern techniques to allow you to calm your mind, relax and let go, facilitating a profound, deep connection with nature, ancient sites and, most importantly, your own self. We also hope that this process can help you open the window into the past, and see and experience the sites the way our ancestors may have experienced them in the past.

In order to take away the techniques we use on the tour and incorporate them in your everyday life for further self-development and expansion, we will discuss the techniques used and the science behind them. Please, read on to find out more: http://infinite-connections.co.uk/france-tour-intro/

You can also find the full tour itinerary here: http://infinite-connections.co.uk/tours-to-france/