Crystal Healing Mechanism
Quartz, Tibet

Though there is no direct scientific evidence yet to the mechanisms behind crystals’ healing powers, it is believed that each crystal has its internal structure that allows it to resonate at a certain frequency. Resonating at different frequencies allows different crystals to assist in helping physical, emotional/mental and physical conditions. Crystals usually work in two ways – directly and indirectly. In the direct method, the vibrational frequency emanated by the crystals influences the targeted area directly, helping the restore balance to the area. The indirect method involves using the vibrational frequencies emanated by the crystal to stimulate body’s natural healing mechanisms, hence indirectly assisting in healing the targeted area.

Crystals’ Vibrational Alignment With Organs

It is thought that particular crystals help particular organs/systems in the body due to crystals’ vibrational alignment with the specific vibration of that organ or system. It is said that, when in balance, each organ emits its particular vibration (Barbara Hero, 1982-1988: Research With Sine Sounds), however, the injured/sick organ’s vibration would change from its healthy range. Crystals, due to their vast vibrational range, are believed to help ‘re-attune’ the organ to its normal healthy vibrational range, hence assisting in its healing.

Vogel-cut Crystal

Marcel Vogel on Crystals

It is also believed that crystals are able to record information, as discovered by the world-famous scientist Marcel Vogel. Vogel developed the first liquid crystal displays and the magnetic coating for the IBM’s disc drive. Marcel Vogel was studying the man-plant communication in the 1970s, which led him to the discovery of the Vogel-cut crystal, which is an instrument for converting, storing, amplifying and cohering energies. Vogel found out that double terminated wands, cut in the same proportions as the pyramids of Egypt and the Tree of Life, are able to transmit energy that can be measured scientifically. He observed that when pointed at another person, the person’s thoughts and emotions were amplified, altering his/her state of consciousness.



Barbara Hero, 1982-1988: Research With Sine Sounds

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