Our sound events run in South West London and Surrey. Our Gong Bath: De-stress and Relax events are designed to help release stress built up over a busy week. We want to give you a timeout, somewhere to relax and recharge for the coming week.

Sound therapy is a unique type of experience.  We all have busy lives, rushing from here to there, generally feeling there is never enough time to do everything. The intention behind our sessions is to give you a welcome break from feeling this way. Our sound experience evenings are designed to give you a truly deep sense of relaxation. We hope you will feel as we do, and experience a beautiful tranquil feeling. Guests at our events report feeling much calmer after the sound experience. We hope our sessions will prepare you for the, no doubt, busy week ahead.

You can learn more about our Gong Bath: De-stress and Relax events here.

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