All mentoring sessions are carried out by Gary Evans (you can read more about him here).

“Private awakening mentoring sessions are firstly designed to clarify a lot of common questions.

On top of that, perhaps more importantly, I can share examples from conversations with hundreds of people who are going through a similar process to you. These discussions can be empowering, it helps us to understand our process. It isn’t as unusual as we thought, and things will get easier as a new more conscious way of being emerges. The old ways of doing things will be replaced with conscious choices for our peace of mind and health.

Once we have established a connection and built a rapport, we can start looking at the areas you feel important for growth. I will also suggest ideas and areas to research. My service is designed to focus deeply on a client’s inner development. With a core that provides practical tools to speed up growth and help people accomplish their dreams.”

Three Main Areas Covered in Private Mentoring

One: Awakening guidance

As a mentor, Gary can offer advice on your current state of being as well as support and understanding for your current challenges. He will also offer motivation for growth and development. This motivation will take the form of sharing my experiences, insights and skills gained during my life and studies. Through the discussions and by practicing similar disciplines, you will be able to assimilate new skills, ideas and techniques faster.

Gary will treat all discussions in the strictest confidence; he will also do my utmost to respect any boundaries that you suggest.

Two: Awakening texts

Part of our work together will entail reading the Yuga Sutras. Reading together may seem very old-fashioned in the 21st century. We can trace the roots of this approach back to ancient Greece. There are many benefits of using this approach. We will suggest you purchase a copy of the yoga sutras and ask you to read the book at home, that way you may wish to discuss certain points that feel relevant to your life.

The sutras contain a huge number of seeds that allow consciousness to expand. Gary can decipher the seeds from a certain perspective based on his experiences, you will decipher them based on your own. The sutras are designed for discussion!

Three: Experiential practice

As we learn the most from practical experience, this will form a central part of our meetings, including but not limited to,

Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Breath work

Benefits of chanting – self expression

Meditation/mindfulness practice

Grounding and Connecting with nature


Introduction and explanation of Indigenous awakening tools

Sound therapy and energetic clearing methods

We will conclude with, self-study ideas, research and suggestions for our next meeting.

In Person Private Mentoring

Location: South West London and Surrey – please, contact us for more information via calling us on 01932 880 712 or emailing us at

Initial meeting and consultation of 2 hours = £80 or $120

Tier 1, £120 which includes:

  • 1 meeting a month for 2 hours
  • 1 skype call for an hour

Tier 2, £200 which includes:

  • 1 meeting a month for 3 hours
  • 2 skype calls for an hour

Tier 3, £340 which includes:

  • Two meetings of 3 hours each
  • 3 skype calls for an hour


Please, call us on 01932 880 712 or email us at to book your initial meeting and consultation or for more information.

1 Week & 2 Week Intensive Personal Awakening Training

This service is for anyone who has the time, money and inclination to dedicate to intensive personal growth. The intention of this service is to focus deeply on a wide curriculum. Including many experiential indigenous spiritual techniques. This package will provide opportunities to increase your inner growth and understanding at a faster rate. Think of this service as a consciousness personal trainer.

Price dependant on location – please, call us on 01932 880 712 or email us at for more information.

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