A major aim of the Awakening Mentor.co.uk website and the mentoring service offered is to give people an understanding and context for their inner progress and self-development, as well as some clearly defined targets for the future. As many of us seem to learn best from experience, you will find an experiential approach advocated.

The Awakening Mentor website includes ten short important Awakening articles. These articles include free exercises, techniques, and meditations to help you understand where you have developed to and provides suggestions for future inner growth.

The website has also a selection of private one and two day tours to our favorite hand-picked ancient sites. We have selected these sites due to the profound effect they have had on us. We have shared unbelievable experiences at many, which, as we think, can give an insight into the original purpose of those sites. We could sense strong energies there, and also explored acoustical properties, which we found very beneficial. After visiting them, we often feel recharged and uplifted. Please click here for more information.

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