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Holistic Healing Therapy is happy to announce the launch of its Mindfulness Teaching: Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation.

mindfulness event 3The aim of these classes is to teach the foundational principles of mindfulness, its objectives and benefits, and how to implement mindfulness into your daily routine for inner peace, clarity, and inner strength. We have designed our classes to be as comfortable, practical, and straightforward as possible so that you can implement the exercises at home. We firmly believe in the benefits of mindfulness and hope to encourage wider adoption. We would love to share our experience with you in hope to make your life a happier, more peaceful, and healthier experience!

A taste of the topics we will cover:

How mindfulness can help in everyday life

The benefits of mindfulness

The positive effects of mindfulness on thoughts, actions, and feelings

How mindfulness can improve the quality of our lives

The difference between living in the present moment compared to living in future and past thoughts

The main principles and aims of mindfulness

How to easily implement mindfulness into daily life

How mindfulness can help us enjoy life more

Over the years we have accumulated many techniques and tools from our travels, research, practice, and experiences, we have handpicked a straightforward selection of our favourites. These are techniques we have found the most useful and practical for regular use; they have also helped us to improve our practice. Some of the techniques have been crucial in helping us stay balanced and calm even in the hardest moments of our lives. We would love to share those tools with you, and hope like us you find them to be reliable helpers when life presents you with challenges!

Here are some of the tools and techniques we will practice during our sessions:
Breathing exercises (Pranayama), Guided Meditations (Yoga Nidra), Quick exercises to come back to awareness and mindfulness, Energization Exercises, Exercises to raise awareness of your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, Chakra meditations, The use of mantras (ancient and modern).

Below is a rough outline for our classes:

We have designed these classes for everyone; we will assume you know nothing and take you through the basics. Even if you have studied meditation before, going over the basics with us should act as a reminder and provide a different perspective.

If you have previously tried to meditate and found it difficult, you are not alone! We often hear, “I tried to meditate, but I can’t do it.” To start with we all need to remember, this is a process, think of it like learning to ride a bike – in the beginning it will be hard, but with time and practice, mindfulness gets much easier! We aim to lead you through the initial challenging hurdles and provide you with confidence and reliable techniques.

Each class will start with theoretical teaching including short exercises. We will then proceed to the main meditation practice, we will use a variety of techniques, each activity will last around 10 minutes, this is a good duration for starting. In the early stages of meditation, trying to force the mind to be quiet for extended periods is tough. To finish, we will outline details of the next class and take any questions.

Gary meditates

Gary and Olga have extensively studied ancient wisdom and meditation. In search of answers to life’s key questions, they have travelled thousands of miles; from the Andes in Peru, to the temples and pyramids of Egypt, and the Himalayas in India. Their studies, including indigenous wisdom, helped them realise something vital is missing from modern educational systems. Where was our education on emotional health and well-being? How should we handle stress when life takes an unexpected turn? Most of us have no idea what to do. To find useful and helpful tools, we have to look to other cultures and times long past.

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