Our new events combine the benefits of chanting, guided meditation, and gong bath.

Chanting is believed to be very beneficial for helping emotional release. Emotions can “get stuck” in our body, which can result in deterioration of our wellbeing and health. Chanting can help your body release blockages. Chanting can also help the movement of energy in the body, which is believed to help natural healing processes. We hope you will feel wonderfully energised and rejuvenated afterward. These sensations need to be experience to comprehend them!

During each weekly session, we will focus on chanting one sacred Sanskrit mantra (don’t worry, we will use straightforward mantras which are easier for Western audiences.) Many believe these mantras have power when recited and, especially, when repeated 108 times with a group. We will hand pick mantras for each session depending on the aim and theme of the week.

Our guided meditation will help you relax further, facilitating the sound getting deeper into your body to improve the relaxation and rejuvenation.

Gong bath is designed to help you relax, rejuvenate, and get rid of tension. During the gong playing, the gong will “bathe” you in its sound vibrations (hence the names gong or sound bath), which the majority of people find to be a very relaxing, uplifting and pleasant experience.

You can learn more about our Chanting, Gong Bath, and Meditation events and book your place here.

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