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Order NYR Products

You can order NYR products from Olga’s consultant website here, by calling us on 01932 880 712, or by emailing Olga at olgahht@gmail.com. Olga will also be happy to answer any of your questions and queries, as well as help you place an order!

Thinking of Becoming a NYR Consultant?

You can become a NYR consultant, or learn more about becoming a NYR consultant, through Olga’s personalised NYR consultant website here.

You are also welcome to call on 01932 880 712, or email at olgahht@gmail.com – Olga will be happy to answer any of your questions!

Olga's Story

In Holistic Healing Therapy, we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. When it comes to choosing products, whether food items, cosmetics, or domestic products, we always try to choose natural and certified organic products.

That is why we are happy to announce that one of our team members – Olga Terebenina – has recently become a NYR consultant!

From the young age, Olga was always interested in herbalism and natural and healthy remedies, foods, and cosmetics. As a result of this passion, Olga began to study in depth about herbalism, natural medicine, natural nutrition and cosmetics, the benefits of organic production, and natural solutions to improve health and well-being. Taking into account that skin is the largest organ in our body, it seemed obvious to Olga that a shift to a more natural cosmetics had to be made alongside with shifts to more natural and organic nutrition. Olga started producing her own cosmetics, and is still in the process of learning and discovering new ways of production.

in the meanwhile, Olga was always researching natural and certified organic cosmetics brands on the market. For even though she strongly believes that making cosmetics in small batches is the best method of production, it is not always practical due to time-consumption (and time is in lack in nearly all of us!) Also, Olga found that it was not always possible and practical to make her own cosmetics when travelling – the lack of needed equipment was always an issue…

So while Olga was looking for possible solutions for her problems she has stumbled across NYR. She was very pleased with the high standards of the company, as well as a holistic and natural approach- certified organic local production (on an eco factory in Dorset, UK!), an impressive range of highly effective products… Olga decided that she definitely wanted to join the team of consultants in order to learn more about the natural, ethical, and eco-friendly ways of production, as well as spread the word about the benefits of natural and organic foods and cosmetics.

Now NYR products are available for purchase from Olga’s personalised consultant website – please, feel welcome to browse through it. Olga is always at your disposal for any questions or inquiries. You are also welcome to drop Olga an email at olgahht@gmail.com or call her on 01932 880 712 if you would like to receive any information about NYR products, promotions, and sales, or if yo have any questions about NYR products.