There are many possible benefits from having crystals in your home.

Throughout the years, crystals have been believed to process healing powers (you can read more about the history behind Crystal Healing here) and aid in many daily affairs – business, family matters, love, friendship, luck, and many others.

Furthermore, crystals are believed to process healing properties and help with different alignments, as well as assist in getting desired qualities of character  – courage, willpowers, kindness, and others. They can also help in stress release and in inducing the state of peace and relaxation, which makes them perfect companions in meditation practice!

Crystal Gardens

Crystals Gardens are a very unique and beautiful way to bring the healing powers of crystals, as well as beauty and interesting design into your house. We believe that, when taken proper care of, crystals can greatly assist in elevating the atmosphere in your house, bringing in peace and harmony. Moreover, their unique design, colour, and texture, make them a wonderful piece of interior in any room in our house – whether in a study, bedroom, guest room, or maybe even bathroom!

How We Make Our Crystal Gardens

We make our crystal gardens unique to suit each and every individual. Crystals are hand-picked according to your needs and preferences, cleansed, and energetically charged for your needs. They are then arranged in a “garden” – each arrangement is unique and carried out in deep meditative state to best portray the essence of the crystals in the work. The result is always a stunning work of art with a strong potential in healing you, as well as cleansing your home!

Price and Location

Each crystal garden we make is absolutely unique. We make it according to your preferences of crystals, theme, and its purpose, as well as your budget.

Our start price is £50 per crystal garden, and the price can go beyond £500 depending on the size, amount of work, as well as the crystals used.

Please, note that due to the delicate nature of Crystal Gardens we are not able to transport them, hence we kindly ask you to pick them up from our home in Walton on Thames.

For any enquiries, and also to book a call to discuss a Crystal Garden for you, you can email us on, or call us on 01932 880712. We would love to hear from you!