2017 Inspirational Events 

Locations for Guildford indoor & outdoor events, Gong Baths, Yoga and Nature Therapy

Guildford, Sandfield School, Stoke Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4DT
(Town centre near Waitrose, Free on-site parking).
Guildford, Clandon Wood, Epsom Road, West Clandon, GU4 7FN
(Free on-site parking).
Guildford, Newlands Corner, Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,
Drove Road, Albury, Guildford, GU4 8SE

Special offer – First one hour class £6 or £12 for two hour Yoga & Gong.  You can pay via Meetup or on arrival, our only request; please let us know how many people are coming. If you would like to book a spot or have any questions, please call us on 01932 880 712

about sound therapyGong Bath: De-stress and Relax

Our events are called gong baths which are also known as sound baths – each relaxation session starts with a simple mindfulness exercise followed by bathing participants in particular sound frequencies. The NHS is increasingly using music and sound therapy, and new scientific studies are demonstrating how sound vibration can help stress, tension and other conditions. (Please see our Sound Therapy section for more information on the science).

These sessions are designed to help release stress built up over a busy week. We want to give you a timeout, somewhere to relax and recharge for the coming week. We have received some wonderful feedback about our events, many of our members are now attending on a weekly basis.

We rotate each week between the locations below. June – July 2017

Guildford, Sandfield School, Friday 8 PM – 9 PM

Guildford, Clandon Wood, Saturday 12 PM – 1 PM

Dates, booking and more information:

Cost, £12 for one hour, £10 concessions. Gong & Yoga package £20. £59 for six class pass (includes Yoga and Gong Baths if required).

Sample review from Meetup

“First class. Excellence, efficiency and professionalism, with warmth and friendliness from two gong experts in Gary and Olga Evans, who explained everything well at the beginning, and made us all feel very relaxed and at ease, so we knew what to expect. There was humour in the education and a phenomenally wonderful group of very warm and caring attendees. If every gathering was a good as this, the world would become perfect overnight. Very highly recommended. ” Mercedes

Meetup reviews are here:

Traditional Himalayan Style Yoga


Trained in India, we are teaching traditional Himalayan style yoga. Yoga is a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Our yoga practices combine all three elements – physical workout in the form of yoga postures; exercises to extend vital force (also known as prana or chi/ki) – pranayama; and spiritual practices – in the form of mantra repetition and concentration on internal states of consciousness throughout the practice.

We rotate each week between the locations below. June – July 2017

Guildford, Sandfield school, Friday 6. 45 PM – 7.45 PM

Guildford, Clandon Wood, Saturday 10.45 AM – 11.45 AM

Weather permitting, Yoga at Clandon Wood will be outdoors by a beautiful lake. We have an indoor venue at the same location if needed.

Dates, booking and more information:

Cost, £12 for one hour, £10 concessions. Gong & Yoga package £20. £59 for six class pass (includes Yoga and Gong Baths if required).

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forest bathing blogOur leisurely Nature Therapy walks are carried out in Surrey Wildlife Trust nature reserves across the county.

May 2017: Our events are running at Newlands Corner, Guildford, three hours costs £15.


Nature Therapy, as defined and practiced by Holistic Healing Therapy, is a type of relaxation involving spending time in nature to promote health and well-being. We combine different practices including mindfulness, grounding, and natural aromatherapy; using short exercises we also encourage the development and use of various senses. We aim to give you an opportunity to stop and look at life from a larger perspective. We have been inspired by forest bathing, currently widely practiced for its therapeutic properties in Japan and the USA.

In Japan, a forest bathing trip is called Shinrin-yoku.

“A forest bathing trip involves visiting a forest for relaxation and recreation while breathing in (wood essential oils). Incorporating forest bathing trips into a good lifestyle was first proposed in 1982 by the Forest Agency of Japan. It has now become a recognized relaxation and/or stress management activity in Japan.”

Some of the scientifically proven benefits of spending time in nature include reduced stress levels, stronger immune system response, and a stabilised cortisol cycle. You can read more about the benefits of Nature Therapy on our website.

Dates, booking and more information:

Weekly class schedule

Weekly, Wednesday morning, Walton on Thames
Weekly, Thursday evening, Hampton, Greenacres Day Nursery School

Twice a month, Friday evening, Guildford, Sandfield school coming soon! (April 2017)
Twice a month, Saturday morning, Guildford, Clandon Wood Burial Reserve
Twice a month, Saturday afternoon, Guildford, Newlands Corner, AONB
Weekly, Sunday evening, East Molesey, St Paul’s Church

Also available: Private sessions and tuition. Yoga, Reiki, Reiki Teaching, Sound Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness

For more information on the above, please view “Our Services” tab at the top of this page.