About Reiki Level 1 Teaching Day

Our monthly Reiki Teaching Days are aimed at teaching Traditional Reiki in groups. These days are a great opportunity to learn with like-minded people, and also get extra support and motivation from the group.

The format of the teaching is same as in individual Reiki Teaching classes (to learn more, please, visit Our Services page), though these classes are aimed more at those who prefer to study in a group and benefit from shared questions and practice. Also, we offer a reduced price of just £119 for Reiki Level 1 Teaching in a group compared to an individual teaching (which is worth £140) which gives you a wonderful opportunity to spend a day in a company of like-minded people, learn and practice Reiki healing, and also save money!

About Our Services

Our services are carried out by fully certified and insured practitioners and masters with wide knowledge and experience in the area of the expertise, as well as confidential, friendly, open, hospitable and nurturing approach to each and every being. For further information on our practitioners and masters, please, refer to Our Team page. The teaching space is always clean, comfortable, safe and adjusted to suit your personal preferences to maximize the positive effects and the enjoyment from the teaching.

Reiki Teaching

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We teach traditional Reiki,  – Usui Reiki Ryoho, – as taught by Usui – Sensei (the founder of Reiki) and Mrs Hawayo Takata, who left most of the written information we have nowadays about Reiki.

All our Reiki courses come with

  • a certificate of completion
  • a Reiki manual
  • attunements required for the Reiki Level that you are covering
  • detailed teaching of the material
  • an opportunity to practice healing, cleansing and other techniques covered in the course during the teaching session
  • up to two 1 hour free complimentary Reiki practice sessions with profound feedback from your teacher after the completion of the Reiki course (please, make sure that you are insured before you practice Reiki on others)
  • writing materials
  • healthy snacks and drinks of your preference
Prices and Duration
  • Reiki Level 1: 7-8 hours Reiki Level 1 Teaching + Reiki Level 1 Manual + Reiki Level 1 Certificate + up to two 1 hour free complimentary Reiki healing practice sessions with profound feedback from your Reiki Teacher  – normal price £119; early bird price £99
  • concessions – please, contact us at holistichealingtherapyuk@gmail.com to discuss
Reiki Level 1

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After completing Reiki Level 1, you will know more about Reiki’s origin, its history, uses, scientific explanation, and how to perform a Reiki healing. Reiki Level 1 can also help you on your self-development path by linking you to the healing Reiki energy.Even though there are no strict limitations, we advise our students only to do reiki healings on themselves after completing Reiki Level 1. If our students would like to give reiki healings to others, we advise them to complete Reiki Level 2 alongside Reiki Level 1.

What Reiki Level 1 includes

you will have an opportunity to learn about:

  • history of Reiki
  • meaning of the word ‘Reiki’
  • what Reiki energy can be used for
  • scientific explanation behind Reiki
  • you Reiki lineage
  • the Reiki ideals
  • the Seven Levels of Usui Reiki
  • the attunement and the cleansing process
  • the Reiki hand positions
  • signs of release and biofeedback sensations
  • self-healing using Reiki
  • grounding, aura-cleansing and protection techniques
  • how to develop ‘two-consciousnesses’
  • contra-indications for Reiki healing
  • the legal side of Reiki healing
  • the aura scanning technique
  • one of the types of Reiki healing
During Reiki Level 1 teaching

The atmosphere is always friendly, encouraging, and most comfortable to suit your needs. Hot and cold drinks, as well as healthy snacks, would be provided throughout the teaching, and you will be kindly asked to bring a packed lunch with you on the day of the teaching.

The teaching will last about 7-8 hours with regular toilet and tea breaks and a 1h lunch break. We try to be as efficient as possible during our teachings, however, due to the nature of energy work and teaching process, regular breaks are needed to benefit the process of learning.

We will provide you with a Reiki Level 1 manual and writing materials.

You Reiki master teacher will do 4 attunements on you at some point during the teaching. These attunements will connect you to a certain type of Reiki energy and will open your channels to receive Reiki energy to use it for further healings.

After Reiki Level 1 teaching

Certifiacte 1

After the Reiki Level 1 teaching you will receive a Reiki Level 1 certificate. You will also have a chance to book up to two 1hour free Reiki sessions to practice Reiki on your Reiki teacher (please, note that you would require an insurance to practice Reiki healings on others). They are supposed to help you boost your confidence, as well as give you the opportunity to do a step-by-step healing with a thorough feedback from your teacher. Your Reiki teacher would also be happy to answer any of your questions after the teaching. We also provide profound support to all our students after completing our Reiki Level 1 course to make sure you benefit the most from the teaching and are fully confident about your healing techniques.

Book Your Place

Price: normal price: £119 per person; early bird price £99. For concessions, please, contact us  by calling on 01932 880 712, or sending us an email at holistichealingtherapyuk@gmail.com.

You can see terms and conditions and more information about our events, as well as book your place following the appropriate links for each event

Reiki Level 1 Teaching

Saturday, Aug 27, 2016, 9:30 AM

Walton on Thames

2 Sound Lovers Attending

We teach traditional Reiki – Usui Reiki Ryoho, as taught by Usui Sensei (the founder of Reiki) and Mrs Hawayo Takata, who compiled the majority of the written information regarding Usui Reiki.All our Reiki courses come with:- a certificate of completion- a Reiki manual- attunements required for the Reiki Level that you are covering- detailed t…

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“Olga is absolutely wonderful! She truly helped me in a real time of need. She helped to give me immediate practical steps in order to continue by rebalancing. She also helped me to foster greater TRUST in everything! I am honestly forever grateful for her kindness, power and love :).  She is someone who has great strength, yet does not take herself seriously, even for a Russian ;).
For anyone who is thinking about doing Reiki with Olga, I highly recommend. She is the real deal. I have met many people working in this industry who often don’t have the genuine ‘power’ behind the words they use, but Olga certainly does.
Thank you my friend from the bottom of my heart”.
– Sam Power
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