What we believe in

We believe that by helping others, we help ourselves. We also believe that our home extends not only to our house, country, or even planet, but to each and every place in the universe, with each and every being being a part of our big family and a reflection of ourselves. That is why we believe so strongly in helping others and improving the community and the world we live in. We also believe in small changes adding up to a big change. That is why we decided to donate 1 GBP from each ticket sold for our Sound Events to the charities and worthy causes.

How we select charities and worthy causes

We select our charities and worthy causes very carefully. If we decide to go for shelters or kennels, we always go to visit the shelters. We also always make sure we have met the charity’s representatives and had a thorough talk with them before we decide to go ahead with them. We are also aways looking at the motivations behind each charity’s work, and where the donated money goes. We hope to ensure that our clients’ and our support is donated to help improve the life conditions, well-being and health of others, as well as the environment we live in. These are the reasons for why we decided to support the following charities and worthy causes!